Jewelry Parts Care

In order to preserve jewels in perfect condition for a long time, consider the following care: < / p>

  • · Do not leave your jewelry in contact with abrasive surfaces or substances containing alcohol, acids, detergents, insecticides, etc.
  • · Do not use lotions, cosmetics, lacquer and perfume before putting on a jewel.
  • · Never shower or bathe with your jewels on.
  • · Do not use your jewel during household or vehicle cleaning, chemicals, bathing, swimming pool, beach, sports, gardening or other similar situation.
  • · Avoid contacting your jewel with creams, perfumes and lotions
  • · Prevent your jewelry from hitting, pulling and rubbing with other pieces
  • · Jewelry with stones should not be washed with detergents, scented soap or similar, as their residues can leave the stones opaque
  • · Do not use toothpaste to clean Silver, copper, bronze and gold, as it is abrasive, in this case use specialized cleansers.
  • · Keep your Surgical Steel jewels separated if you have, from Silver 950, copper, bronze and gold, since Steel being a harder metal can damage and scratch your jewels of silver, copper , bronze and gold.
  • · Store your jewelry in separate cases. Ideally in boxes to keep in better condition. Contact with other jewels of the same or similar material, may decrease its brightness and that of the stones.
  • · Avoid bumps and falls of your jewels, because not only can they finish with their finish, but also, they can release stones, pearls or generate cracks or cracks.
  • · Store the silver jewelry in a cool, dry place that is preferably airtight, isolated from the air to retard the natural oxidation that all metals live.
  • · Do not store silver, bronze, copper and gold jewelry directly on wood, it often contains acids that can affect the surface of metals.
  • · In the case of skated copper, bornce, silver and gold jewels, do not apply anything as a cleaning, since it could affect your skate and finally cancel or remove it. Remember that when they are skated, they mean that they have already reached the maximum of their oxidation, therefore, they do not require any type of cleanliness where they are skated.
  • · In the case of copper and bronze jewels WITHOUT skating, these will follow their natural oxidation process, which gradually goes towards the darkest coffee, in case of keeping it in its original color, coffee Of course, this can be cleaned with a fine sandpaper of 800 or 1000 for metal. Never a thick sandpaper, since it could damage the jewel.