Necklace Jewels of Wisdom


This jewel was worked for you WOMAN, I used as a thread of the collection Jewels of Wisdom, the great sacred symbol of Adi Shakti, this symbol is very powerful, it is the symbol of protection of the divine woman and the divine mother .

By using Adi shakti, you will be protecting your aura from all the negativity you may receive, since this symbol will cause that negativity to be reflected back.

It is a piece of copper in the shape of a mandala and then the symbol of Adi Shakti Openwork is welded by hand, copper has patina (oxidation of metal) and applications of 23 carat gold leaflet.

The whole process of patina (oxidation) was charged under the New Moon and the full moon, because of the connection that the moon goddess has with women & hellip; & hellip;

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