Origin necklace, horsehair, copper, silver and gold.


It is a collection inspired by our Pachamama, our roots, our land, a very rich land in copper mainly and in metals such as silver and gold. The collection aims to show the metals with their skate processes (oxidation) to the fullest, showing what their origin is.

All metal comes from the EARTH and throughout its history, wants and wants to return to the land where it was born, therefore, through the climatic processes that the metal lives, it is developing colors and skates that are taking it to your status of ORIGIN & hellip ;.

This Necklace is made of copper, horsehair, fine silver and pure gold, all handmade, with much love and dedication.

The whole process of manufacturing the piece (oxidation) is charged under the Energy of Goddess New Moon and the full Moon, for the connection that the Goddess Luna has with women & hellip; & hellip;